Jessica L. Grodio, DVM, PhD, DABVP (Avian Practice)

My goal is to provide your pet with a thorough exam and consultation in a familiar and comfortable environment, without the typical time constraints of an in-hospital appointment.

Since completing a residency in avian medicine & surgery, I have worked exclusively with birds and other exotic pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, and many species of reptiles. Additionally, I have treated native wildlife species while at Cornell University’s Wildlife Health Center and in private practice, collaborating with wildlife rehabilitators and nature centers. I am board-certified in avian practice by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners and currently practice at The Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine in NYC.

My own experiences as a bird owner inspired me to create AHVC. My cherished childhood friend Sunny, a beautiful cockatiel, became ill soon after I graduated from Cornell veterinary school, when she was about 23 years old. Her condition required monthly treatments; however, she was very stressed by handling and car rides. A vet colleague initially helped me with Sunny’s care at home since administering the treatments was a two-person job. We were able to keep her comfortable for a whole year and did not cause her undue stress since she only needed a few minutes of handling at home. This is an example of how home veterinary care can help keep our pets healthy while being sensitive to their comfort and stress levels.


  • ABVP Residency in Avian Medicine & Surgery, South Wilton Veterinary Group, Wilton, CT – completed 2013-2015
  • PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, NY. Dissertation: Mycoplasmosis in house finches
  • DVM, Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, NY – Class of 2012
  • BS in Biological Sciences with a distinction in research, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

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