COVID UPDATE: We are unable to service COVID-quarantined homes. 

See our message regarding urgent appointments below.

  1. This is not an emergency hospital. If your pet is very sick, please contact your local exotics animal hospital – see our links page for exotics hospitals. If there is no hospital available to help your pet, we may be available for a same day visit.
  2. We do not have facilities to treat injured wildlife. See our links page for hospitals that may accept sick or injured wildlife.
  3. We do not offer surgery services like routine spays and neuters. See our links page for exotics hospitals that perform these surgeries.


Phone: 845-420-0598 (please be prepared to leave a detailed message with your name, your pet’s species, your location, and what services you are inquiring about.)

Contact form: We can provide you with an approximate cost estimate based on your town,  but will need your specific address to give a more precise cost as housecall fee is based on travel distance/time. 

We are available many (but not all) weekend days for urgent appointments; however, we cannot guarantee availability or that we service your area. If your pet needs veterinary care on the weekend and no hospital is available to help you, please be sure to SUBMIT CONTACT FORM and LEAVE A MESSAGE ON OUR PHONE. Please inquire only if you are in our service area (Dutchess County, NY and surrounding counties in NY). We MAY also be available for weekday afternoon (Tues-Friday) urgent appointments, please be sure to SUBMIT CONTACT FORM and LEAVE A MESSAGE ON OUR PHONE.