COVID UPDATE (June 23rd): please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a house call. We are unable to service COVID-quarantined homes. 

Initial contact by email or contact form below is preferred. Cost estimates will be provided by email.

  1. This is not an emergency service. If your pet is sick, please contact your local exotics animal hospital – see our links page for exotics hospitals.
  2. We do not have facilities to treat injured wildlife. See our links page for hospitals that may accept sick or injured wildlife.
  3. We do not offer surgery services like routine spays and neuters, because this is a house call only service. See our links page for exotics hospitals that perform these surgeries.

E-mail (read the above 3 statements first):

Phone: 845-420-0598 (initial contact by email or contact form below preferred; calls are usually returned Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday. If you call, please be prepared to leave a detailed message with your name, your pet’s species, your location, and what services you are inquiring about.)

Contact form (read the above 3 statements before submitting):