Chat with an avian vet

If you have a question about your pet’s care, but cannot schedule a house call, a consult is available by video. You may provide photos and videos by email if desired. Dr. Grodio will review them and call you for a video chat. During the video chat, Dr. Grodio will ask to see your pet and its enclosure.

If we have never seen your pet before, or have not seen your pet recently, we cannot prescribe any medications from a video consult alone. We cannot give your pet a diagnosis based on a photo, video, or phone conversation. We can give you only general advice.

A general consult is $50 for a duration of up to 20 minutes. If you wish to have Dr. Grodio review previous medical records prior to the consult, the fee is $90 for a video consult of up to 30 minutes. If the issue is complicated and needs additional time, the fee will be $40 for an additional 20 minutes.

Credit card information is collected prior to the consult and the first 20 minutes is charged prior to the consult.

Consult instructions

  1. fill out the new patient form
  2. submit the chat waiver and credit card approval form
  3. email any pertinent photos/videos of pet and pet’s enclosure to