Serving Dutchess County, NY & surrounding area

Wellness exams, grooming, and routine laboratory test services are available. Non-urgent problem exams are seen on a case-by-case basis.

This is not an emergency or urgent care service. If your pet is sick, please contact your local exotics animal hospital (see links page).


  • Birds
  • Exotic pet mammals – such as rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Small reptiles – such as bearded dragons, geckos and other lizards
  • Inquire about other species not listed

House calls are appropriate for:

  • wellness exams
  • grooming – nail, wing, beak trims
  • husbandry consultations – discussion of your pet’s care, included with wellness exams
  • multi-pet households
  • routine laboratory testing – such as bloodwork, avian DNA sex test, fecal & infectious disease testing
  • pets needing long-term medical treatments
  • geriatric or highly stressed animals
  • owners that have difficulty transporting their pet
  • nature centers and other facilities

Many diseases are best diagnosed and treated in a veterinary clinic setting. Animals that are ill may require intensive care that cannot be provided on an out-patient/house call basis.  Additionally, any disease that requires radiographs (X-rays) or ultrasound for diagnosis will be best addressed at a veterinary clinic.